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The first was to give the over the top cars and builders some long, overdue and deserved exposure. A place for Street Machines and the people living the Street Machine lifestyle a place to reminisce and re-live the days when   Pro-Street was king and to see how Street Machines have evolved into what they are today. From the early days of the Street Machine Nationals to the current Street Machine of the Year, if it’s about Street Machines, it’s here!

The second is to offer businesses involved in our hobby a place to advertise inexpensively, whether they are a shop, artist, painter, fabricator, parts distributor etc. I wanted to have a place where any  business in the industry could afford to advertise.

If you have a business
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Michael Scheuren

Michael S


I eat, sleep and breathe STREET MACHINES!!

They are my life, my hobby, my OBSESSION! I have been involved with cars for over 20 years. My first Street Machine was a 1972 Nova that I built from the ground up. I have also owned a 1963 Nova S.S. Convertible and a Corvette. I love going to car shows and meeting new people, looking at all the cars and hearing about other people’s experiences in our great hobby!

I am really hoping this site will become something special for everyone that loves Street Machines as much as I do! Thanks for visiting and allowing us to be a part of your Street Machine lifestyle! I hope you enjoy the website!

OTHER FEATURES: Street Machine Central also has some other features. There is a gallery to view uploaded pics and a news page that will be updated regularly with the latest sales, new parts and industry news. Be sure to check out the Back in the Day section for some very cool history of street machines. You can see what events are coming up as well and read about other people’s experiences with their street machines. There is also a video section to view and post youtube videos. You can always send me an e-mail with any questions, comments and feedback about the site. I am always looking to make the site better and need your help in doing that! Tell me what you want to see!

If you have a business and are interested in advertising with us