“The Snowball Effect”

The first step to recovery is to admit you have a problem…What if I don’t mind my problem?? Being a “terminal perfectionist” has it’s drawbacks, one of which is predictability. I first have take a left turn here and tell another intersecting story. A few years ago I was approached by an individual named MIKE TURNER about restoring his ‘57 CHEVY. MIKE is a perfectionist, as I began the restoration process on his car I began to realize this guy is even MORE anal than I am. Frankly, I like the challenge, let HIM lay awake all night and worry about the STUPIDEST little details and present them to me the next day! He thinks of stuff I’ve NEVER worried about! One day he was explaining that he had polished all of the stainless trim on his car but had some pieces which had dings and therefore were no good. I told him that I was pretty good at straightening stainless and I would teach him. After I showed him a few things he became OBSESSED! This guy grabs onto something and NEVER EVER lets go! Next thing I know, he’s calling me EVERY night , telling me about the latest rouges or wheel he’s tried. Each time, he would end the conversation with “I think I can do better!” After a few weeks of this nightly ritual, the end result is the most amazingly polished stainless I’ve ever seen…I think I have a new polisher! Now, back to the original story………….. I had purchased a really rough ‘54 CHEVY 210 a few years ago with the intention of doing a quickie job on it and turning it for an easy buck. The car had the proper trendy “patina” and I thought I could do the chassis and turn it relatively quickly. WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! The funny part is all of my friends KNEW I was full of it ! The car had a CAMARO sub frame , too wide, and not crammed up in the car far enough to get that “impossible” look! It had a 350/350 turbo, I later learned the motor was locked up, didn’t plan on that! Making matters worse, I REALLY like ‘54’s, so I was already in a vulnerable state! I STILL THOUGHT I had a handle on things when I installed an s-10 clip and built new frame rails in the rear, 5” in, 5” up! O.K., I’ll just put it in primer, have an interior done and kinda keep it for a daily driver I reasoned! I don’t mean that WANDA SYKES ultra hip suede black b.s. primer but something cool like light gray primer! Right about here is when the cold slap of reality begins to quietly creep into the picture. Now that I’ve successfully installed the front clip, I now need inner fenderwells, I need a radiator support. UH-OH… I LOVE fabrication, I LOOOVE SHEETMETAL fabrication! I proceeded to complete the tasks at hand, while I’m not anywhere as good as I wish to be, I still like the finished product. Looks pretty good under the hood! The next chapter in this can of worms lies with the body/bodywork. As I stated earlier, this baby is pretty rough but I know if I’m willing to spend enough time, anything is savable. I’m up for that task as well, I like the challenge. The final nail in the coffin of fate lies with our old buddy MIKE TURNER. I actually had to buy a parts car to get all of the stainless trim for my car. I called MIKE and he came over to check out the 50 billion or so pieces that go on a ‘54. We decided that I would do the straightening, he would do the polishing. Soon, I had the most BEAUTIFUL stainless I could possibly ask for! GEEZ, It sure would be a shame to install all of that nice stainless on a primered car……..SCREW it, I’m gonna paint it BLACK, and I’m gonna step up for some expensive wheels, boy ,do I have some WHACK ideas for an interior! I’m KEEPIN’ this baby, forever! Now, when my friends tease me for “getting out of control” I just say “IT’S MIKE TURNERS FAULT !! “

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