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Here is where you can read about what it was like from the people that were making it happen and setting the trends
that allowed street machines to become what they are today from experiences with their street machines, road trips, car shows, workin on your ride, power tour, anything our readers have shared.

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Just flew in from the roadster show, thought I’d post my quick observations. First of all, for those that have never been to the show and could be convinced to actually make a mini trip out of it in the middle of winter, DO IT !!! I’ve been to alot of shows over the...

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If they made you feel safe…

…well then, by golly, they wouldn’t have been as fun, now would they? And they certainly wouldn’t have been hot rods. I got to thinking the other day while cruising across the Valley to work on a project, about what makes a hot rod so damn much fun. Granted, this...

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Over The Course Of Twenty Years…

…things are bound to change. Just about 21 years have passed (we’re about a month-and-a-half shy) since this photo was taken: It’s my old Chevelle, and the pic was snapped as the car was being completed… this being roughly my Senior year in high school (note lack of...

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A Dream From Futures’ Past…

I had received a call from Nick Licata (via our friend Steven Rupp) a little while back, regarding a rendering, and behold, it’s on shelves now as a part of Super Chevy’s “Chevy Classics” Annual! This is great, not only because I get the chance to show some...

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Sooo, who has driven your HOTROD ? Get comfy kids, It’s story time ! A loooong time ago the local HOTRODDERS had a “practice” that affected me profoundly. Whenever there was a car show, usually at some small town’s fairgrounds and even some of the bigger shows these...

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Jeff Smith – An Unsung Hero

I’d like to write about my friend JEFF SMITH, you know, automotive enthusiast, magazine journalist, and controller of the free world as we know it! Jeff is a very unique kind of guy. He lives and breathes his passion 24/7 , so entrenched in the moment, he’s completely...

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What Happened To Cruise Nights

What in the hell has happened to our” CRUISE NIGHT” When did it become “CRUISE late afternoon early evening but be sure and get the hell home before the street lights come on”? Sit back children and allow me to tell you a story. one hot FRIDAY night in the early...

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Work out the bugs, that’s being polite for correcting your MISTAKES ! How many of you have built your car, putting every ounce of energy into the “creation” only to find out that it performs a little short of your expectations? Meanwhile , you’re sooo frustrated and...

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