The Street Machine Experience

Here is where you can read about what it was like from the people that were making it happen and setting the trends
that allowed street machines to become what they are today from experiences with their street machines, road trips, car shows, workin on your ride, power tour, anything our readers have shared.

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Let’s Go Back to 1990…

Decorate your man cave. Start a museum. Or simply anger your wife by bringing home some more old stuff. There we were, the wife and I digging through boxes of memorabilia and assorted keepsakes and whatnot (read as “cleaning up the back room in the Studio...

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O.K. I’m being a little overly dramatic, Here’s the facts man… Last AUGUST I went to get my car to attend JIM MAYBERRY’S cookout/car show. As I was sitting at a stoplight I noticed the car was idling a little “flat”. About a mile later I heard four chirps , my first...

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PROPORTION: now THATS complicated!!

The other night I went to the supermarket in the HENRY J, as I walked through the parking lot towards the car I got the most awful feeling. As I looked at the car I realized that the front wheels/wheelwell were about two inches back from where they should be in...

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Work out the bugs, that’s being polite for correcting your MISTAKES ! How many of you have built your car, putting every ounce of energy into the “creation” only to find out that it performs a little short of your expectations? Meanwhile , you’re sooo frustrated and...

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“The Snowball Effect”

The first step to recovery is to admit you have a problem…What if I don’t mind my problem?? Being a “terminal perfectionist” has it’s drawbacks, one of which is predictability. I first have take a left turn here and tell another intersecting story. A few years ago I...

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For as long as I can remember on the off chance I would venture out of my element and go out in public I would get that inevitable question. So, you’re an artist? What type of art do you do? “I build hotrods” I would reply. 90% of the time I can see the dissapointment...

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We all have a buddy that seems to criticize the various aspects of our hobby. While they may THINK they’re all hardcore, the reality is they just haven’t thought things through. Driver or trailer, air bags or lowered, street rod or street machine, pro street or pro...

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